Fig Leaf Farm's vision is to grow food and other ornamental landscaping plants in a minimalist fashion. While the traditional agriculture industry uses a lot of resources, chemicals, and energy, we don't want to follow that trend. We put a lot of thought into choosing just the right model of development that not only reduces the amount of resources that go into the growth of our plants, but also choosing the right resources that do not have to travel from the other side of the world to get here. We use only what is absolutely necessary to create the scrumptious fresh fruits and veggies and perennial landscaping plants that we all love.

Containers Gardens

To start with, we grow everything in containers. There are no tractors or tillers to fuel and no creeping weeds sending out runners to compete with our plants for nutrients. We do not use any herbicides whatsoever. But we don't use just any container. For our edibles, we primarily use fabric pots which can be reused over and over, as well as glass jars for our indoor hydroponics systems. Glass does make things a little more difficult, as we obviously can't drill holes in it like you could with plastic. However, using the kratky method, we're able to avoid the toxins that could potentially leach into the water being absorbed by the plants by avoiding plastic as much as possible.

We also avoid any and all synthetic pesticides. If we can keep the pests away in the first place, using natural growing methods or beneficial insects, we don't need even organic certified chemicals. We like to call this better than organic, even if we haven't gone through the costly process that requires a pile of paperwork.


Water use is one of the big factors that farms have to consider. Especially considering that droughts don't really care whether you have plants that you need to water. As well, every gallon of water we use, we have to pay for in some form or another - whether it's electricity to run a well or for water from a municipal source. There's a lot of energy and resources that go into filtering and treating water. By reducing our water usage and using drip irrigation systems, we are able to use less water by delivering it directly to the individual plants rather than letting it just mist up into the air and watering the surrounding rocks, pavement, or grass. Additionally, we use a watering system with a timer that is connected to the Internet. It is able to determine when rain is in the area and puts a rain delay on the system so that we're not running the irrigation system on days where it's raining.

Everything Else

Our conservation efforts don't stop at the plants and watering systems. We try to limit our environmental impact in any way we can. Whether it's reducing our trips to the store to pick up more materials or trying to reduce our laundry loads from working out in the sun and the dirt... we try to limit our impact on the environment in any way we can.

Thank you!

We know that you have a lot of options available, and we sincerely appreciate your business! We look forward to continuing to provide you the best fruits, vegetables, and landscaping plants we possibly can!