Whether you're looking for great tasting food that we've already grown or starter plants for your garden, we've got a variety of things growing in our gardens that are both healthy and tasty! We try to buy organic and heirloom seeds whenever available, and never use any GMO products whatsoever! If there's a particular variety that you're interested in that you don't see here, please ask us and we'll see if we can add some to the garden for you! We want to grow things that you want to eat! (After all, we've got a hearty appetite, but can't eat everything we produce!

Currently In Progress:

Blackberries: Arapaho, Natchez

Broccoli: De Cicco

Cauliflower: Snowball

Raspberries: Heritage

Strawberries: Ozark Beauty, Quinalt

Squash: Spaghetti, Yellow Crookneck, Yellow Straightneck

Tomatoes: Roma, Witcher Paste

Watermelon: Sugar Baby

Zucchini: Dark Beauty