Starting Our Carroll County Georgia Farm

For years, I've had a desire to create a farm that is based on minimalist concepts. One that is environmentally friendly. One that I can safely say that I'm not growing food that is bad for people. Back in 2009, I started creating that concept. A few years passed and my day to day career kept me busier and busier, and I eventually sold my equity in that farm. However, the desire to have an environmentally friendly farm hasn't gone away. I've continued my research and kept up with the new developments, and am excited to start another operation!

We moved to Villa Rica in 2018 after falling in love with Carroll County. It appeared to be a great rural setting for our family to settle and open up a chiropractic office for my wife, Emily. Fast forward to 2020, and we have a pandemic that has exploded across the world with people competing for food and toiletries in the grocery stores. Right then, I decided that a year ago would have been the perfect time to start my farming operation back up. Unfortunately, I don't have a modified DeLorean nor a crystal ball, so I suppose now will have to do.

Our goal is to focus on larger volumes of perennial plants such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and eventually blueberries. For now, we've got at least the first three of those in fabric pots with organic soil and they’re growing nicely. The plan is to also add in certain vegetable crops that grow well in fabric pots. When we moved here, we knew the house we bought wasn't our forever house. We'd love to build a house on a large piece of acreage, but we were in a hurry to move quite unexpectedly.

I'm sure this rarely happens, but I happened to be in the driveway one day when a realtor drives up and asks if we’d be interested in selling our house. Apparently he had a client that loved the neighborhood, but the inspection on a house down the street they were interested in just came back saying it had black mold. So I told him I'd think about it and talk it over with my wife. We decided that since we were looking at moving in 9 months anyways (after she finished chiropractic school), we could probably move up our timeline and go ahead and move while we had a sure thing.

Very shortly after, we were under contract and in need of a place to live. At the time, the market was moving fast and I was traveling constantly for my day job teaching IT classes all over the country. I'd call about a house on a Thursday, and by the time I could get back in town on Saturday to look at it, it was already under contract. So we finally found a house that would suit our needs, that was in our budget, and hadn't been quickly put under contract (though it wasn't quite the acreage I was hoping for). But we're making do and growing as much as we can here, with our long term plan being a move to more acreage with more room to set up a LOT more plants.

So we'll continue to expand and plant as much as we can and hope the surrounding community loves toxin free food and ornamental landscaping plants as much as we do! We look forward to continuing to meet our neighbors and grow with you all!